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Dedicated certified personal trainers provide the most in-depth training experience with All Mindset. From physical fitness to optimal performance training and programs our network has the experience you seek to level up your physical fitness results. 

From emerging Certified Personal Trainers to Certified Nutrition Specialists, our global network is staffed with NASM and 

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AFAA, CPR certified physical and remote training experts. We identify and match every level of fitness and goals.   All Mindset trainers are accredited by the National Academy Of Sports Medicine and/or the Athletics and Fitness Association Of America and abide by their 30+ years of compliance guidelines.  Our physical conditioning experts are one of the best, most respected, and most sought fitness trainers.


Optimal Performance
Muscle Development
Fat Loss



What is The OPT™ Model?

Utilized for over 20 years with the world's top athletes, the NASM OPT™ Model, or Optimum Performance Training® Model, is a fitness training system developed by Dr. Mike Clark. Based on scientific evidence and principles, the model is highly adaptable and versatile in its application, progressing individuals through five distinct yet complementary training phases. As an NASM-CPT, the OPT™ Model is the most powerful tool you have at your disposal.

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“I was completely intrigued and truly enjoyed AFAA’s Group Fitness Instructor course and learning the material. The knowledge I gained has improved my Group Fitness classes exponentially. It has also helped solidify my goal of wanting to become a national trainer” -Shelby S.




"I am blessed to have the ability to inspire and educate someone to help and change their life in some capacity."
-Alex I.


"I love watching someone transform in front of my eyes as his or her confidence improves. I believe this boost in self-confidence makes people more likely to come back and ultimately adhere to an active lifestyle." -Dalia Debs




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