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"To grow in todays market you must be advanced in social media strategy and know how to engage your audience."


From brand recognition, to content curation and narrative storytelling, partnering with Sina as your social media coach will yield successful results. 

You will learn online platform skills centered around team building, brand planning, systems, production,  execution, and KPI measuring  to yield greatest results.  It's all about capturing attention and Sina will show you how.

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Recognized as an international influencer in the financial services and real estate industries, Sina Azari aka CEOAccredited is responsible for "GAMATIZING" culture. From being a speaker at Gary Vaynerchuk's inaugural AGENT 2021 on social media recruiting strategies to international keynotes throughout Asia and Mexico for financial services leaders including MetLife, Axa, Mass Mutual, Prudential , Pacifica Seguros, GNP, Mutual of Omaha, Sun Life and many more.  Azari has mastered the ability to grab attention and create welcoming engagement from those who seek greater talent acquisition.

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Sina is an expert in the area of social media. His results speak for themselves.  I am looking forward to furthering my company's development with Sina's advice. Top Notch!
-J. Fekech, CEO, Chicago One Financial 
"Sina is a very intuitive when it comes to strategy in the financial services industry. He helped our agency see phenomenal growth. It's definitely been a great investment."
-D. Shariff, CMO, Luzon Management
“Sina's ability to recruit online and teach our leaders how has been an immeasurable contribution to our growth."
-B. Akhbari, CEO, Dream Quest Financial






Let's connect and discuss in detail how my expertise and proven track record can help you and your teams apply advanced strategy configured to your needs. 

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