Why Become A Coach?

Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology…Coaching has evolved into a much more sophisticated profession based on knowledge from any other disciplines.
   The NEED and OPPORTUNITY for Life and Business Coaches has never been in a greater demand than  today and will continue to grow exponentially for years to come.

The formula is simple, Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as Americas largest generations.  Millennials whom we define as those born in 1981-1997 account for more than 75.4 million of our population.   

Breaking down the 5 main characteristics of a millennial in order are:

They’re in no hurry:    
Coming of age during a recession (and the sluggish recovery that followed), millennials face a tough job market and greater economic pressure than their boomer parents. So they take longer “finding themselves” in their 20s and reach traditional milestones of adulthood—marriage, parenthood, home ownership, etc.—far later than previous generations. 

They want more than $$:
More than 60 percent of millennials say they’d rather earn $40,000 per year at a job they love than $100,000 at one they hate. And what they crave most is the flexibility to work when, where and how they want in order to balance work-life demands. Many are even willing to take a pay cut or skip a promotion to get it.

They're free thinkers:
Half of Gen Yers identify themselves as politically independent, while three in 10 are unaffiliated with any organized religion.

They’re falling behind:
Despite being the generation with the most schooling in U.S. history, millennials rank below their global peers in math, literacy and a key 21st-century skill: “problem-solving in technology-rich environments.”

They are well equipped to succeed:
They have more access to anyone in any country in real time  through social media outlets giving them the greatest resources we're yet to uncover; more than any previous generation.


   Our Mission:
"To Empower our coaches with the right skill set, platform and opportunity to grow personally, professional and financially while at the same time, empowering others to do  the same."

With the average income of a Life Coach being $30 per hour and top coaches earning in excess of $300+ the opportunity and timing couldn’t be greater.  

Become a AMC (ALLMINDSET CERTIFIED COACH) in a success proven and simple to follow a 40 hour self study course. Complete certification in less than 1 week!

Imagine generating six figures working at your own schedule, being your own boss, having full autonomy and freedom of your life while EMPOWERING, EDUCATION, LEADING and HELPING others live a more fulfilling life. 

 We ask you..."WHAT'S YOU WHY?"

With AMCs growing platform we are seeking Coaches from all disciplines and backgrounds to help grow our network and capitalize in this rewarding and lucrative opportunity.

-Opportunity and Timing

With the only platform of its kind,  becoming a AllMindset  Certified Coach will give you the tools and education to develop and impact others while building a solid  business and income stream.

The greatest testimonial of our success is the desire and following of many of our clients that undergo coaching from a AMC Coach choose to enroll and participate to build their own coaching practice.

Connect with a AMC Coach, ask us all the questions and join us in leading the new  MINDSET of future ENTREPRENEURS.